Branch Manager, 60 views

Overall Goal:

Responsible for meeting the branch targets set and that all guidelines and regulatory requirements are followed. Ensuring that customers get world-class services and their needs are understood and met through financial products that the Bank has to offer. Responsible for managing, training and motivating staff.

Responsible to represent HDFC bank whenever required

So that the branch becomes the top of the mind recall amongst the customers in the catchment for all their financial needs and services, thereby ensuring that the branch also achieves the key performance parameters set

Key Result / Responsibility Areas:

Business Achievement and Development Ensure proper scoping is done and target / niche customers identified with ACTIVE collaboration from concerned Product/Sales Support Teams

Ensure that the targets on liability accounts, through the channel (Branch and direct sales), are met under all parameters specified

o Attain SB nos and values- meet number and value targets

o Attain CA nos and values in the area- meet number and value targets

o Cross sell FDs to the customers of the Bank and achieve number and value targets

o There is higher penetration of FD on individual customers of the branch

o Salary accounts and NR accounts targets are also met

o Ensure quality of sourcing is maintained and depletion rates are controlled.

o Ensure that Salary credits reach or exceed the expect Salary Credit targets

Ensure that all managed portfolios (Preferred/Classic/Imperia, etc) are effectively managed through PB’s, RM’s, Imperia RM, IRM, Investment Advisors etc. and that set targets on each of the portfolios is reached.

Also, BM has to ensure seamless servicing of PBG & BBG raced HNW customers in coordination with the respective PBG/BBG RM & Supervisors.

Staff is made aware of the targets on the portfolio (Preferred/Classic/Imperia, etc), which includes C ustomer T G roup Ratio and I ncome G enerating P roduct H olding.

Ensure that the High Networth individuals are persuaded to avail the private banking products and services (advisory, etc)

Ensure that following customer and business reports are generated, reviewed and commitments met



o CCM Updated


Ensure cross sell of De-Mat and HSL product and services.

Ensure that there is cross sell to the customer on asset products as offered by the Bank.

Ensure that the customers get credit cards and start using the same for all their transactions- credit card activation push.

Ensure that cross sell targets on Third Party Products is met for the branch

Ensure Staff are trained on product knowledge and requisite certifications

Review Daily Sales Report of the staff and provide guidance on ways to improve on the same

Penetration of Saving Accounts on non liability customers and that staff call on the marketing analytics list and take appropriate action

Managing and monitoring performance of all the sales resources

o Productivity of Liability and Non Liability sales staff

Attrition control of customers

o Includes persuading the customer to continue and if required renew FD’s

§ Monitor large amount movements / account closure from the deposit accounts and ensure that customer does not attrite

o Ensure that the marketing analytics list on possible attrite, is called and retained

Ensure that there is no revenue leakage

Ensure that the Branch reaches its contribution targets

o By focusing on cost management

o By achieving NII, cross sell, fee and commission and other income

Ensure that the Branch achieves its assets target.

Periodic meeting and review with Sales Managers on the branch performance

Customer ServicesEnsure quality sourcing of accounts by all sales staff .

Responsible for ensuring that customers get disbursals of amount against the loan as per the new initiatives in Financial Inclusion that they have availed of, within TAT

Ensure that branch offers highest quality of service to the customer and meets expected Service Quality standard

Ensure that high volume and low value customers are managed effectively

o Migrated to DBC’s & ensure welcome desk staff migrates maximum number of customers to Direct banking channels.

o Ensure cross sell done as per process

Ensure that the lobby is not crowded and time norms set by the bank are met for prompt delivery of services over the counter

Ensure that branch has good upkeep

o Lobby Management

o Cleanliness of the Branch, Housekeeping

o Merchandising

o Queue handling

Recording complaints as per the specified process

Resolving all complaints received (self, branch, other units) within the stipulated TAT

o Monitor all complaints received and ensure that they are closed within TAT

o Improve customer communication on closures

o Check with customers if the process of complaint has been managed well

o Ensure no escalations happen

o Preventive complaint management

o Asking for feedback from customers, who are not complaining

o Discussing with staff the importance of getting feedback from customers on a regular basis

Promoting all direct banking channels and ensuring that the customer is utilizing the same

o Monitor and ensure that PB and PB-WD are selling and aiding customers and are actively selling DBC services

  • Ensure Band 1 / Band 2 customers are moved to higher bands.

OperationsConduct internal checks on a regular basis

Monitoring of CH 106 and CH 126 calling

As vault custodian is responsible for all related process checks

Joint custodian for sys-admin and setup within the branch

o Ensure that password sharing does not happen

o Ensure all hygiene factors are under control.

o Ensure all AML alrerts are investigated and responded to within TAT.

Error free documentation for all account opening and all customer instructions (Stop payments, FD Closure, etc)

o Monitor and audit internally if this is being followed by all concerned sales staff

Maintaining Tatkal kits as per laid down process

Monitor lockers allocation and all other related operations

Updation of LTS for the asset leads generated

o Monitor the same for all PB’s

Updation of weed-out database on the portal

Monitoring of Activation and Depletion of accounts

Check all finware reports and action the same (CH 123, CH 167, BA 001, SM reports, ST 044, ST 043, etc)

Audit and Service Quality

Ensure all laid down system and process are followed as stipulated by Audit and Senior Management

Monthly / Periodic Verification of Auditable items at branches

Review of Daily Reports at branch

  • Review of suspense, TOD, large transaction and suspicious transaction reporting / registers at the branch on a fortnightly basis

Ensure Satisfactory Audit at the branch

Ensure all Audit comments are quickly attended to and report compliance therof

Maintenacnce of all mandatory displays and Service Quality requirements

Ensure that 5-S norms are adhered to, maintained and sustained at all counters at the branches.

Ensure there is NO repeat rating of “Average” or “Below Average” .

Additional Responsibilities as part of new Initiatives incorporated in Retail Branch Banking. Single City Initiative – Wbo

  • Responsible / Oversee all clearing operations at branch under Single City Initiative

Gold Loan

  • Responsible for generation ,follow up and closure of all gold loan leads
  • Help in in assayer empanelment.

Ensure KYC complaince for all gold loans and disbursement at branch for loans within one lacLAS

  • Responsible for generation of leads for LAS under Financial inclusion, follow up and closure .
  • Ensure KYC compliance for all LAS loans and disbursement at branch for loans within one lac

Single City Initiative- FIG Responsible for follow up for all leads pertaining to Single City Initiative – FIG Submission of offer letter to the customers for opening accounts Documentation of the new accounts as required by the bank Remote Branch Co-ordination Model

  • Under Remote Branch co ordination model Branch Managers are being empowered to tap business at locations where dedicated RM’s are not present. The following business are covered under this model
  • Business banking
  • EEG
  • Retail -Agri
  • Com-fin,

The additional responsibilities under this model include

Lead Generation

Customer Meeting

Pre-sanction documents

Processing & Sanction

Post Sanction documentation

Disbursement, Takeovers & Deferral Clearance

Creation of Securities

o Deposit of title deeds (in case of EM)


o Transaction related servicing requirements


o Visits Reports (for biz.)

o Stock Statements

Financial Inclusion

  • Ensure attendance for all DCC and SLBC meetings as required by the lead bank
  • Adoption of the allocated villages and providing services to these villages are required by RBI
  • Interaction with BC’s wherever required for meeting the set targets
  • Meeting Panchayats and local bodies for sarpanch accounts and for accounts under Financial Inclusion

Auto Loan (Proposed and under discussion) In Category D centres wherein Unit Sales is very low Responsible for CPV at residence and office premises for all auto loan cases Collection of post disbursement documentsPersonal Loan (Proposed and under discussion)

  • Collection Followup
  • Bounce Followup
  • Recovery in case of Bounce (by means of debit to the borrower’s account). This can be done centrally via upload
  • Information to Seniors in the Police Department
  • Followup with the Seniors (SSP) post informing them about the default.
  • Customer visits for followup for recovery

Staff Management

Ensure that all staff are adequately trained on the Products of the bank and sales process

Ensure that all staff are trained on the process to be followed (including amendment with new circulars)

  • Be aware and make staff aware of various policies of the bank with regard to customer service and compliance such as
    • Complaint management policy – 2010
    • AML policy – 2007
    • Vigilance policy – 2009
    • Grievance redressal policy – 2009
    • Customer retention policy – 2007
    • Customer compensation policy – 2007
    • Cheque collection policy – 2007
    • Conduct monthly customer service committee meetings and record its findings

Monitor Staff productivity and give guidance on improving the same in conjunction with the BM

Ensure that all PB’s are sent for class room training on a regular basis

Ensure that nominated staff attend training sessions, without fail.

Staff is encouraged to leave Branch by 7:30 p.m. daily.

Internal Interactions

  • CSE’s;
  • Product representatives;
  • Auditors;
  • QIG Auditors;
  • Merchandising Audit;
  • Marketing Dept.
  • WBO;
  • ATM Co-ordinator;
  • Admin Representatives;
  • Disaster Management etc.
  • CAM Channel (Current Account)
  • IT Department for system related software / hardware issues


  • Approving of vendor bills
  • Supervision of outsourced resources (Courier boys, Security guards etc)
  • Management of off-site ATM’s

External Interactions

  • other banks for cash requirement / offloading
  • Lead bank for clearing / all banking information
  • Lead Banks at SLBC for Financial Inclusion
  • Liaise with Post Office / Courier for deliverables related issues
  • Vendor Representatives / Supervisors;
  • Insurance Sales Managers;
  • Mutual Fund House Representatives;
  • Police Dept.
  • Income Tax Dept.
  • Banking Ombudsman
  • BCSBI / RBI Officials – Incognito visits
  • Landlord
  • Telephone Service Providers
  • Electricity Service Providers
  • Municipal Authorities
  • Customer Service meets
  • Local welfare societies for promotional activities
  • Labour Office representatives
  • Legal Cases
  • Media

Supervision Received :

Cluster Head/Zonal Head/Regional Head

Competencies :

Banks Product Knowledge

Planning and Organizing Skills

Team Management / Interpersonal Skills

Sales and Influencing Skills


Knowledge of Competition

Awareness of Banking regulations

Credit knowledge when required

Good Administrator

Good at net-working

Ability to develop contacts in the local area


NCFM Certification


Internal Certification

AMFI Certification

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